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Hey, my name is Shihan Salauddin Anasari, and welcome to my Karate Academy Website
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Salauddin Ansari Karate Academy student and teachers
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Daily Learning of karate moves
What is Karate
Karate as a sport should be pursued, as it not only teaches you the art of self defense but also disciplines the mind and body. It enhances your self confidence and a person excels in his or her fields. Above all it involves a complete fitness programme which an individual of today usually lack or shy away from. Looking at the scenario of the world, karate is a must for every individual as it conditions not only the body but also the mind.

Karate class would give an opportunity to students who are keenly interested in this sport to pursue their interest and take part in district, state, national and international level tournaments. Here the students could develop an interest in this sport and most of all upgrade their fitness level besides learning self defence. This class will give an opportunity to hunt for hidden talents in the students and pick out students who could participate in tournaments and do the school and country proud.

About SAKA
SAKA, is a positive, high energy karate academy that emphasizes positive life skills, fitness, fun and self-defense. SAKA practices Goju Ryu and Sport Karate, based in Mumbai, India since 1991. It is recognized as one of the Top Karate Academy in India.

SAKA is affiliated to the Maharashtra Karate Association (MKA), the only recognized and official state body.

SAKA is also affiliated with the only official National body ie KAI(Karate Association of India), which is recognized by Government and Sports Authority of India. KAI is the member of AKF (Asian Karate Federation) & WKF (World Karate Federation). WKF is recognised by IOC (International Olympic Committee) and (IWGA) Sportacord & International World Games Association.

SAKA was founded and is still being led by Shihan Salauddin Ansari, and hence named after him. He has trained more than 5000 students, and has produced champions and over the years who have represented the country at International tournaments. Students of all ages from 5 years to 60 years have trained in his academy. Being an official karate school, students from Std X & XII get an opportunity to get extra 25 Marks and admission in college through Sports Quota.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to help students to discipline themselves beside increasing their physical fitness, self-defense skills, building self-confidence and promoting good behavior along with family involvement
Our Vision
Our Vision is to produce future athletes and champions who will represent the country in National and International competitions, and also to train more students so that they pass on their knowledge to the next generation.
Parents & Students Testimonials

Ashwin Dedhia: "My family has been going to Salauddin Ansari Karate Academy for 4 years. They have achieved Great self defense, great for self esteem and confidence.

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